You feel good about yourself when you know your smile looks good. Fortunately, you’ll find many great ways to enhance your smile at Northpointe Dental Care.

Your dentist would love to discuss your goals and expectations with you. Then he can help you find the right services to give you the appearance you want. Call us today at 763-200-5807 to schedule a consultation in Blaine, MN. In the meantime, see some of the ways you can improve your smile at our office:

  • Replace Missing Teeth – If you’ve lost teeth, it’s had a big impact on your smile – in how it looks and how it functions too. If you replace missing teeth, you’ll feel comfortable smiling again and also enjoy better oral function. At our office, you have multiple options. For the most lifelike feel and function, and protection against bone loss in your jaw, we recommend dental implants. They can be used to replace any number of teeth. If you don’t want implants, you can choose a dental bridge or dentures instead. 
  • Cover Dental Flaws – You also have several options to conceal imperfections. Your dentist will assess your needs and recommend the solution that will best suit your smile. For extensive issues, you can get a dental crown. It covers your entire tooth. You can also get dental veneers, which cover the front surface of teeth. They can hide chips, cracks, small gaps, stains, and general wear and tear. For a more affordable option, you can get a dental bonding treatment. It’s not as versatile and won’t last as long, but it can be a good alternative to veneers. 
  • Whiten Dull Teeth – Drugstore products can’t get teeth as white as professional solutions. Your dentist will provide custom-made trays and professional-strength gel that make it easy to get dazzling results. 
  • Improve Your Gumline – You may not be comfortable about showing your smile if you have an uneven gumline or feel it looks too prominent. Your dentist can remove excess tissue to create a more attractive balance between teeth and gums or correct an uneven gumline. 
  • Get a Complete Transformation – For a dramatic revamp of your smile, your dentist can create a treatment plan that combines multiple services. Starting with a cohesive plan is often the best way to ensure an efficient use of your time and budget. 

Ready to enhance your smile? Call Northpointe Dental Care at 763-200-5807 to schedule an appointment.